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The products listed on the Fountain Menu are mainly made of natural ingredients and are based on a strict and pure Asian Buddhism vegetarian concept that contains without any meat, poultry, seafood, the onion or garlic family, animal emulsifier, gelatin, alcohol etc.,thus are friendly to all types of vegetarian diets.

About the dish name

Our mission is to promote vegetarian eating and to help more people getting used to the advanced also eco-friendly diet style. To making easy for most nun-vegetarian people to order,we thus give some dishes lay names according to their special tastes and textures, i.e. soy-fish,soy-chicken…etc., which you could see on our menus.

Allergy advice

Also some dishes may contain or have an option of Peanuts and Nuts. We do use Sesame oil, Wheat (Gluten)products and Soy sauce in our kitchen. Should you be medically allergic to those or any other ingredients, you should clearly advise our manager or supervisor before ordering. Basically, being a commercial kitchen, we would not encourage those people who have a special diet requirement to dine here as we can’t give a 100% guarantee for those who have such allergic reactions to those ingredients which may affect your health and well-being. We sincerely apologize for not being able to meet your special needs.

We love one and respect another.

We believe that the realm of harmony is deriving from a heart of understanding,accommodating,and love and it has been already existing somewhere within the worlds and awaiting everyone to join. Eat gratefully, no matter what. Thank you to be with Fountain.